Film Production Services  

Line production

We carry out all the activities falling under the Executive Production tag leading up to successful making of a film/ short film/ Ad or TV Series.

Location Arrangement

We offer a range of options when it comes to hunting locations across the country. Bank on our proven expertise in Reiki for an array of indoor/outdoor locations. Whether you intend shooting at romantic locales, or capturing exotic landscapes, finding lush green spots, or filming at unexplored terrains, we will be your encyclopedia on locations.

Add to that dance floors, stadiums, malls, grounds, roads, airports, resorts, beach resorts, bungalows, chawls, farm houses etc.and we will bring all of these on a platter. This also includes securingnecessary clearances/permissions from Govt., local bodies etc., which are otherwise very tedious and time taking. But with us your life will become a lot simpler, sorted out and hassle free.

Our Events

Here are the links to the events done in the past: